Enhanced Grants FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions for the Enhanced Grant Process


  1. Why change the Focus Area Committee Process?

As Impact100 has grown, membership has expressed concern that our Focus Area Committees have become too large, which has made active participation and logistics increasingly difficult. Although this is a good problem to have, Impact100 wants to ensure that every woman’s voice is heard in our grants review process.


  1. What are the benefits?

The response by the non-profit community to Impact100’s grant making, particularly since our shift to Core Mission grants, has been overwhelmingly positive. Last year we received 170 Letters of Inquiry from worthy organizations. We were only able to invite 47 organizations to submit Full Proposals because there simply was not enough time to fully evaluate additional proposals in our Focus Area Committee process. We were then limited to 25 Site Visits because of logistical concerns. The enhanced grant process will allow Impact100 to review more proposals and visit all organizations that merit further consideration. Self-imposed restrictions have been reduced. Our goal is to expand the depth and breadth of our relationship with the non-profit community and our expanding membership.


  1. Who can read Letters of Inquiry?

All Impact100 members with a minimum of two years of service on Focus Area Committees are eligible to read Letters of Inquiry. These women may also serve as Team Leaders. This is not mandatory; you may read Letters of Inquiry and decline to serve as a Team Leader. Letters of Inquiry meetings are scheduled for the week of January 22.


  1. What happens after the Letters of Inquiry have been evaluated?

Each Focus Area will have a number of Teams, determined by the number of Full Proposals they will be evaluating. Once the Full Proposals have been received, three or four proposals will be distributed to each of our newly established Teams. Each Team will have a maximum of 10 members and a designated Team Leader. This is a new position. Each Team will be responsible for reading grants, recommending and participating in Site Vsits, writing site visit reports, discussing and analyzing the organizations and making selections and recommendations to their Focus Area Committee. Impact100’s five focus areas (Health and Wellness, Family, Education, Arts and Culture and Environment) are unchanged.


  1. Who leads the meetings?

Team Leaders will lead the team meetings. Each Focus Area will have several Team Leaders working with one committee chair. Each Focus Area will have a number of Financial Review Panelists who will evaluate the non-profits and provide guidance to the Teams.


  1. How many meetings will we have? How long?

The first two meetings will be with your Team, with up to 10 women. The third meeting will be with your entire Focus Area Committee group, approximately 35 women. The meetings will be similar in length to previous years, about 2 hours.


  1. What is the basic purpose of each meeting?

At the first meeting, held the week of March 12, 2018 team members will have already read and rated their assigned proposals. Members will discuss the proposals and determine which organizations will receive a Site Visit. The Financial Review Panelist will give an initial financial impression of each organization under consideration. Following this meeting, Site Visits will be coordinated by the Team Leader. The small size of the Teams will permit all members to attend all of the Site Visits their personal schedules permit. Team members will complete a Site Visit report, which will be compiled and coordinated by the Team Leader.


Site Visits will be scheduled between March 19 and April 6.


At the second meeting, held the week of April 16, each Team will meet to discuss their Site Visits and Financial Review Panelists will offer analysis. The Team will select an organization for presentation to the larger Focus Area Committee.

At the third and final meeting, scheduled for the week of May 7, all Teams will gather to select one nominee to represent the Focus Area at our Annual Meeting in June.


  1. Will I still be able to choose my Focus Area Committee based on day of the week and location of meetings?



  1. Will I be able to read all of the proposals submitted to my Focus Area Committee if I’m interested?

Yes, but you will only be able to rate proposals assigned to your Team.


  1. Is training available for everyone?