2016 – 2017 Board Members

        Co-Presidents: Mary Grace Tighe and Claudie Williams

        Vice President: Madge Rothenberg

        Treasurer: Pat Bonney

        Secretary: Jennifer Vollmer

        Past President and Leadership Development Chair: Susan Dubow

        Membership Chairs: Kate Carp and Rachel Levin

        Program Chairs: Sue Sukonik and Robbie Shell

        Communication Chairs: Allison Schapker and Jacquie Stern

        Grant Chairs: Emily Biscardi and Sandy Lazovitz

        Nonprofit Community Liaison Chair: Julie Orts

        Development Chair: Frankie Rothseid

Administrator: Alice Anne Dolbin

Founding Board Members

Beth Dahle, Mary Broach, Ellan Bernstein, Beth Burrell, Cheryl Haze, Jacquie Kelly,  Anita Lockhart, Wendy Peck, Charlotte Schutzman