Who We Are

Founded in 2008 by Beth Dahle and Mary Broach, Impact100 was inspired by a growing trend in women’s collective giving. The simple premise is that a group of women pooling contributions can make a significant philanthropic impact in their community.

Since our initial grant year, Impact100 has grown from 111 members to 360, and has awarded more than $2 million in grants to local nonprofits. Our members represent a mosaic of backgrounds, occupations, experiences, broad concerns, and individual interests. We are professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, mothers, artists, students, and retirees who live in the Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

Together, we learn about local needs and the nonprofits working to meet them. We research, discuss, and experience first-hand the vital work being done. At the end of each cycle, we vote to award grants.

For a comprehensive look at our organization after we hit our one million dollar giving threshold, please read this report.  As we move into our tenth year of grantmaking, we have now surpassed our two million dollar giving threshold.  For almost a decade now, we have seen what can be accomplished when women join in giving.