Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impact100 Philadelphia?
Impact100 Philadelphia is a nonprofit organization comprised of women aged 21 years or older, each donating $1,150 annually to collectively fund high-impact grants to nonprofits in the Philadelphia region. Of that contribution, $1,000 goes directly into the grant pool to fund core mission grants, and $150 is allocated to help support the essential operating expenses of Impact100 Philadelphia. The grant review process runs from January through May. At the Annual Meeting in June, Impact100 members vote to determine the recipients of the $100,000 Core Mission grants and operating grants whose amounts vary year to year based on the membership total. Pooling our individual resources to make very large collective grants creates a rare opportunity for nonprofit applicants and allows members to have a significant, positive impact in the region. We change lives!

How can I become a member of Impact100 Philadelphia?
Just click the JOIN button and fill out our online membership form. You can make your donation online at the same time or mail us a check. Forms and donations are due by December 1st in order to be included in the grants awarded the following June.

When can I join?
Anytime! We welcome new membership throughout the year. December 1st is the deadline for membership payment allowing voting for the next year’s grants. Those joining after December 1st may participate in Impact100 events but will not have voting rights until the following grant year.

How long is my membership valid?
Each $1,150 donation provides voting membership for one year’s grant cycle.

Do potential members need to be “invited” to join?
Absolutely not. Membership is open and inclusive. JOIN online today.

Is my donation to Impact100 Philadelphia tax-deductible?
Yes, Impact100 Philadelphia is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are fully tax-deductible for the year in which they were made. Our tax id number is 80-0177821.

What role is there for me if I can’t make the $1,150 contribution?
You can become a Friend or Sponsor of Impact100 Philadelphia and play a very important role in our organization. Click the DONATE button or mail us a check. Although they do not provide voting rights, these donations help offset our operating expenses. Each year, Impact100 Philadelphia incurs operating expenses essential to accomplishing our mission, growing our membership, and assuring our sustainability. These expenses include offering philanthropic educational programs (facility rentals, technology and speaker honorariums), communicating (website, email and database fees), reviewing grant applications (software and facility fees), and operating in a responsible fiduciary manner (annual audit, liability insurance, and diligence training to members).

What is required of a member?
To be a member, you must identify as a woman, be at least 21 years old, and donate $1,150 by December 1st to vote for the grants to be awarded the following June. Beyond that, there is no obligation. You can be as involved as you like. Many women simply want to make a donation and cast a vote. If you’d like to participate more actively, there are many ways, such as serving on a grant review committee, joining a committee of the Board, volunteering to help at one of our events, or serving on the Board of Directors.

I want to give more than $1,150. Do I get more than one vote?
No, our founding principle is “one woman, one vote.” Every member gets one vote even if she gives more than $1,150. Any donation over $1,150, however, is greatly appreciated and offsets our operating costs.

Will you accept gifts of stock or allow my membership to be charged on a credit card?
Yes, we accept both stock donations and credit card payments. To make a stock donation, please email us at To make a credit card membership donation, click the JOIN button.

Can I make my membership donation with installment payments?
Yes, we offer several installment payment options both when paying online or by check. Click the JOIN button and choose Installment Payment at the bottom of the membership form.

If my/my spouse’s employer has a matching program, will you accept this donation?
Yes, you can double your impact! We gratefully accept employer matching gifts. Donations matching your $1,150 contribution play an important role as they are applied toward operating costs. Please submit a matching request for your donation to your or your spouse’s employer.

Where can I get a copy of Impact100 Philadelphia’s IRS Form 990, governing documents, or conflict of interest policy?
To request copies of any of these documents, please email You can also obtain the official registration and financial information of Impact100 Philadelphia from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling (717) 783-1720 or (800) 732-0999.

Who may apply for the Impact100 Philadelphia grants?
Any Philadelphia region nonprofit organization that meets our eligibility requirements may apply in one of five Focus Areas: Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Family, and Health & Wellness. Go to the Apply for a Grant page to get detailed eligibility criteria, application procedures, and important dates.

How are grant recipients selected?
There are five Focus Area Committees (FACs) made up of Impact100 Philadelphia members. These committees review and evaluate the applications, conduct site visits, and select a finalist. Committee members attend training sessions to learn how to evaluate grant proposals. Each FAC also has Financial Review Panel representatives who are responsible for assessing the financial stability of each applicant. Go to the Apply for a Grant page to get detailed eligibility criteria.

After each committee selects its finalist, all Impact100 Philadelphia members receive executive summaries and the full proposals of the finalists. The finalists attend the Annual Meeting in June and make presentations; members vote after listening to the presentations. If they are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, members may vote by absentee ballot. The grant awards are announced at the end of the Annual Meeting.

How do organizations know about the grants?
Impact100 Philadelphia contacts the nonprofit community with information about the application process, and we hold information sessions for grant applicants each Fall. Members often help publicize this funding opportunity by telling organizations about Impact100 and directing them to our website.