Grant FAQs

How should I submit my Letter of Inquiry?
Letters of Inquiry are submitted online. See the Important Dates page in this section for deadlines, and the How to Apply page for application instructions. Note: A Grant Applicant Information Session will be held via Zoom on Thursday, November 5. We welcome organizations to send a representative to this free session. Read more and register for the session here.

Can our organization submit Letters of Inquiry in more than one Focus Area?
No, each organization may submit only one grant application per year and must choose the one Focus Area in which the proposal will be considered.

Can you give us guidance on which Focus Area is appropriate for our Letter of Inquiry?
Out of a desire to be as fair as possible to all applicants, we do not provide advice about selecting a Focus Area. Each organization must make that decision for itself. We recommend that applicants determine the Focus Area that best aligns with the nature and emphasis of their proposal.

Who can we contact to discuss our grant application?
For technical questions regarding our online application, please contact SlideRoom at

For questions regarding Impact100’s guidelines or process, you may email To be fair, we do not communicate with prospective applicants except to answer specific questions about our guidelines or application process.

How are your grant amounts and grantees determined?
Impact100’s grants each year depend on the number of women who join. Annually in mid-December (after the membership deadline December 1), Impact100 announces its funding total and the distribution of $100,000 core mission grants and smaller operating grants to be awarded the following June. Grantees are announced at the Annual Meeting in June, as determined by the vote of the membership.

The funding we need for our proposal is more than the $100,000 grant Impact100 offers. Can we submit a proposal for more than the $100,000?
Yes. You will be able to identify the additional funding sources for your proposal.

The funding we need for our proposal is less than the $100,000 grant Impact100 offers. Can we submit a proposal for less than the full amount?
No, applicants must plan to expend the full $100,000 grant.

Will you consider a proposal from a group of organizations collaborating on a project or program?
Yes. One of the collaborating organizations must be the “lead organization,” applying on behalf of the collaboration. The lead organization must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions and liabilities of the grant, if it is received.

How does Impact100 Philadelphia decide who gets the grants?
We accept Letters of Inquiry in five Focus Areas. Each Focus Area has a committee of Impact100 members who review and evaluate applications. Some organizations are invited to submit Full Proposals, and of those, some will receive site visits. Ultimately, a group of organizations are selected as Focus Area finalists for the core mission grants.

Impact100 members review finalists’ proposals and presentations and cast a ranked choice vote. All finalists receive either a $100,000 core mission grant or smaller operating grant, based on the outcome of members’ votes, and announced at the Annual Meeting in June.

I see that you award both core mission grants and operating grants.  Can I apply for an operating grant?
No, all applicants to Impact100 apply for a $100,000 core mission grant.

Do you give grants to proposals that expend the funds over a period of years?
No, Impact100 seeks proposals that expend grant funds within 24 months.

Your guidelines indicate you will not fund capital campaigns. Will you fund capital expenditures as part of a proposal?
Yes, we will fund capital expenditures that are clearly related to the core mission of an organization.

Once an organization receives a grant from Impact100 Philadelphia, can it reapply the following year?
Organizations that receive a $100,000 core mission grant from Impact100 are not eligible to apply for the next three grant cycles. All other organizations, including those that receive operating grants, may reapply the following year.

What kind of communication can we expect from Impact100 Philadelphia during this process?
Impact100 notifies applicants at each stage of the process, even if they are not invited to submit a Full Proposal, receive a site visit, or become a finalist.

Will the grant be paid in a lump sum?
Impact100 distributes $100,000 core mission grants in installments established in a formal grant agreement, based on the grantee’s proposed use of funds. The most common distribution is four equal installments paid over the 24-month grant period. Impact100 distributes its smaller operating grants in one or two payments (depending on the amount of the operating grant that year) during the 6 months following the Annual Meeting.