Community Wish List

Each year, Impact members visit an average of 25 local nonprofits as part of our vetting process.   While not every nonprofit we visit is a finalist or grant recipient that year, we as an organization, value the site-visit experience and the opportunity it gives members to learn first-hand about the work being done, the needs of the community, and the impressive directors and staff behind the organization.

Every organization we site-visit is provided an opportunity to submit a Community Wish List to our members that is published to our website.   Community Wish List items can include goods to be passed along to community recipients, office equipment, donations, Board participation, volunteer opportunities, or attendance at community events.

Please consider this list below as you are making your personal giving decisions each year.

Center for Literacy

Contact:  Robin, Chief Development Officer
Phone: 215-474-1235

Wishlist Items:

  1. Become a classroom volunteer: work with teachers in classes in reading, writing and/or math for either native English speaking students or English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Our classes run Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays. We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes at various locations around Philadelphia.
  2. Like us/share our postings on Facebook and Instagram to help us spread the word about what we do.
  3. Explore becoming a member of the Center for Literacy’s board of trustees.

Covenant House Pennsylvania

Contact: Birdie Powell, Development Associate
Phone: 215-951-5411 ext. 2411

Wishlist Items:

  1. New or gentle used/dry cleaned career wardrobe for our youth who are job hunting or working
  2. All weather gear like warm jackets, hats, gloves, rain ponchos and umbrellas
  3. School supplies for our high school and college students (including college dorm items)
  4. Basic necessities like new bras, underwear, boxers, tee shirts, socks, and hoodies
  5. Home goods like twin sheet sets, towels and washcloths
  6. Personal items including full size hygiene products (soap, shampoo, deodorant, tampons)
  7. Diapers, formula, blankets and toys for our infants & toddlers
  8. Recreational items like board games, cards, art supplies, basketballs and net

Please contact us before collecting items of need so we can let you know what items are of greatest need at that time. Thank you.

Food Moxie

Contact: Allison Budschalow, Development Director
Phone: 215-843-8289

Wishlist Items:

  1. Weed wacker ($300 per, 1 needed)
  2. Electric edger (black and decker $100 per, 1 needed)
  3. Flat free wheelbarrows ($100 per, up to 10 needed)
  4. Shade structures for outdoor workshops ($2000 per, 3 needed)
  5. Arbors for garden entrances ($1000 per, 3 needed)
  6. Folding chairs for workshops and educational programs ($120 per set, up to 5 sets needed)
  7. Bulletin boards and white boards for education and communication ($70 per, 2 needed)
  8. Storage tool and supply sheds ($300 per, 3 needed)
  9. Big planters for ornamental plants ($200)
  10. Hand wipes for food tastings ($5 per container)
  11. Sponsor a Fresh Start kit ($150 per, cooking supplies as a family moves out of emergency housing after graduating from a scratch cooking class)
  12. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2- Quart Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker for summer programs ($70 per, 3 needed)
  13. Amazon “Wish list” of educational items for children’s programs:

Philadelphia Orchard Project

Contact: Kim Jordan, Development Director
Phone: 215-680-7468

Wishlist Items:

  1. Volunteers  for planting, maintaining, and harvesting activities at community orchards; events listed and regularly updated at
  2. 20-30 hours of volunteer consulting from someone with marketing experience to work with POP and The Woodlands to present and promote our new partnership
  3. In-kind contributions of perennial plants, tools, or supplies
  4. Donation of a laptop and/or tablets for program staff to use in the field
  5. Help in promoting POP’s programs through social media follows/likes/shares on Facebook and Instagram

Updated 7/19