Communications Committee

Communications Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate overall communications with members, prospective members and our broader community. Working closely with the Board of Directors each year, Communications Chairs strategize and implement key messaging that supports our focus and priorities.
  • Manage a communications calendar for the Board, and coordinate with other Chairs.
  • Write, edit and design member briefings and updates. We welcome volunteer writers throughout the year.
  • Manage Impact100 Philadelphia’s website to assure it provides timely and relevant information to our members and the public. Furthermore, we utilize the website to promote the work of past grantees and highlight nonprofit accomplishments and challenges.
  • Oversee all social media including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create materials to enhance public relations efforts. We seek to attain media coverage several times each year, including announcing fund-raising totals and Impact100 Philadelphia grantees.
  • Create and engage a Communications Committee that supports Impact100 Philadelphia’s objectives.
  • Coordinate and create photography and video projects that share information about our educational programs, Founders Fellowship Program and Annual Meeting forum.

Communications Welcomes Volunteers Interested in Participating in the Following Areas:

Public Relations and Media Contacts

Photography and Video Production

Writing for our member briefings and updates

Editor-in-Chief (or simply Editor) for a particular set of communications

Template Designer

Social Media Outreach