Membership Committee

Membership Committee Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the committee is to oversee the activities related to recruitment and retention of Impact100 Philadelphia Membership. Our goal is to make the membership experience meaningful by creating an inclusive, warm and welcoming atmosphere in all we do. We are the eyes and ears of Impact100 Philadelphia and seek to connect with and connect our members to one another.

The committee assists the Membership Co-Chairs in related tasks and provide general administrative support as needed. In addition, the committee is encouraged to assist in strategic planning and implementation efforts.

Committee members are women who like to meet other members, reach out, and connect with others. Tasks and roles for committee members can be ongoing through the year or on an as-needed basis.


  • Plan and implement Information Sessions throughout the year
  • Organize and lead volunteer engagement events at nonprofits with Membership Co-Chairs
  • Identify and coordinate venues, based on geography, for member meet-ups and social events


  • Call new members to welcome them (as members join, typically in the fall)
  • Call all members to thank them for their participation (June)
  • Call non-renewing members for feedback
  • Call members who indicate interest in volunteering
  • Send personal notes to thank operating donors
  • Greet and welcome new members at events; introduce them to members


General Administrative

  • Help with check-in at Membership table at Impact100 Philadelphia events
  • Assist with mailings – recruitment and operating appeal
  • Assist in Member Survey review – identify volunteers
  • Identify new members for Membership Committee
               Names from Membership Survey
               Referrals from current committee members